What would your pet tell you if he had a voice? 

I can help you with that!


I specialize in communicating with animals. Some might refer to this as animal telepathy, or maybe a pet psychic or pet medium. Whatever you call it, what I love most is delivering your animal's answers to your questions. 


Concerned about behavior?  Compatibility with others? 

Loss of appetite? 

End of life issues?  

They have much to say about what's happening in their environment. By connecting you to the deeper soul level wisdom of your animal companions, they can give you insight into what they feel their role is in helping you too! 

In your service,


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I was really amazed how Donna was able to tune into my sweet Shamu’s ultra feminine personality right off the bat! She did this without even seeing a picture of her.  I found the reading to be so insightful, and it really solidified how I felt Shamu saw herself and her relationship with her brother (my other kitty).  It gave me great comfort to know that I am in sync with Shamu.  Donna also picked up on her grumbly tummy (she always wants to eat), as well as her constant bird watching.  The entire reading was such a pleasure, and I look forward to another session with my other cat.  Donna makes you feel super comfortable and eases you into the process of connecting with your beloved pet.  I highly recommend using her services for animal communication.  

~ Jill B.

A Soul Level Animal reading is an intuitive connection I make with you and your animal, where they communicate using a combination of visual images, words and sounds, and occasionally odor or taste sensations. To begin, I provide introductory information on their personality, and then I do what’s called Body Mapping, which is where the animal allows me to feel in my body what they feel in their body. After that we go into your Q&A time, followed by their comment time.


It’s amazing how the messages they send always reflect their unconditional love and their desire to help you know why they have chosen to partner with you, as well as how they’re working with you to enhance the quality of your life as a whole.

​Readings are conducted via phone or Zoom. and I start each session by connecting energetically with you for a brief period, after which I will ask for your animal's name, sex, type of animal (i.e., horse, cat, dog), and whether the animal is living or deceased.  At that point, we add the animal to our connection and we're ready to begin! 


​Please prepare 1-2 questions for a 20 minute reading, 2-3 questions for a 30 minute reading, or 4-5 questions for a 60 minute session.  Once we've addressed your questions, we will then go to the soul level to see what additional information your animal has to impart to you.


I prefer not to know anything about the animal prior to the reading


While reading more than one animal at a time can be done, the amount of information gathered from each animal is reduced and often the soul level portion of the reading must be abbreviated due to time constraints.




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I’ve had animal family members of one kind or another for most of my life. I’ve been blessed to form special connections with animals wherever I go, and I’ve learned that there is always more to a situation than what presents on the surface with them. 


My personal journey in animal communication began in 2014 when my beloved Lucky dog became quite ill. I’m a Level 3 Reiki Master and a big believer in the power of energy healing, so I began giving him reiki sessions as well as aqua therapy treatments to augment the medication prescribed by the veterinarian for his age related illness.  After several sessions with other animal communicators and some basic animal communication courses and workshops, I decided in 2017 to further develop my own animal communication skills. I researched several well known teachers in the field and took courses with some of them, at which point I enrolled in Soul Level Animal Communication School with Danielle MacKinnon.  I found her approach to animal communication and teaching style fit like a glove with my own views.


I believe all beings are created with a spark of the Divine, and that animals have souls just like we humans do. I believe animals have mastered unconditional love, and therefore don’t have the ego hang-ups or error beliefs which tend to get in the way of being present in the moment and truly enjoying life. Going to the soul level with animals enables them to show us so much more about why they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing, and how they’re using their time with us (their humans) to help us evolve and grow. Many companion animals choose to spend their lives attempting to break through our barriers in order to help us heal and become reconnected with all Life.  This is why I’ve embraced Soul Level Animal Communication.  It works, and it can change your life for the better and improve the lives of your animal friends.  

   Thanks for reaching out!